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Website Options From Inspired Web Design
Take a look below at our professional website packages at affordable prices, which will allow you to maintain a professional website a fraction of normal professional site development costs.

All our website design is carried out by our professional design team.
This ensures that your website is created to the highest quality and is one that we know you will be proud of. In addition, we will never
just give you an 'off the shelf' layout

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Web pages
Add pages
web space
500mb (min)
Add Plugins
2 free
5 free
Domain name
£10-20 per year
£10-20 per year1 domain name
E-mail facility
2 email aliases
5 email aliases
£8 per month
£10 per month£12 per month
1 Day Training
Telephone + online help
or £100+ travel onsite
Telephone + online help
or £100+ travel onsite
Telephone + online help
or £100+ travel onsite
Ongoing support

The Complete package:
Why pay a company hundreds of pounds a year to maintain and update your site for you, when you can do it for yourself.

Our CMS system is perfect for your needs, no matter how small or large your organisation may be. These fully featured packages are all you need to develop your web presence and maintain a great looking site.

Admin Control Centre
An easy to use site management panel that enables you to have a one click access to all areas of your site and is the main portal for updating.
Add or remove pages
Edit page links
Manage site images
Manage users and site security

Text Editor
A sophisticated, yet simple WYSIWYG page editor incorporating features such as:
Font formatting - type, size, colour, style & alignment
Adding both static and animated images
Creating tabled content.

Global Control
No matter where you are in the world, you will have a 24hr online control of your site. Simply log-in using a browser and make any necessary changes that are required.

Multi User
The Interface-CMS system allows you to control who can have access to the admin panel via log-in management security system and maintains a safe environment for all editors to add their contribution.

Multi-browser compatibility
Whatever brower you have chosen to use, Interface-CMS is robust enough to cope. We are constantly reviewing and developing the system to ensure that it meets all latest web standards and global interface requirements

With the use of plugins, the Interface-CMS system enables you to upload, manage and incorporate a wide range of multimedia files. Flash, slideshows, video files and audio files.