Inspired Websites

Discover The Power of CMS

Over the past few years Inspired Web Design has developed a unique and powerful web based content management system, that enables ordinary, non-technical users to instantly update and maintain a dynamic website without learning any HTML or programming

A CMS That Puts You In The Driving Seat!

Just image, with the use of our 'Interface CMS', you can create your own customised website in just a short space of time. Updating and editing pages is just like working on a wordprocessor in any of the popular web browsers. Just look at what you can do....

  • Insert, edit, upate or remove text or add images and links to other pages.
  • Incorporate calendars, downloadable documents, blogs, sermons and pod-casts.
  • Edit, add, remove or re-arrange page links on your website
  • Permit on-line donations or the sale of products by integrating third party payment software such as paypal.
  • Maintain a secure and data protected online presence
What more could you want from an online web solution - that saves time, saves money and is easy to use?