Inspired Publicity

Personalised Calendars
A powerful resource for your Church or Organisation

Inspired Media has launched a new and exciting addition
to their collection of effective resources, that will provide
you with a dynamic way to keep your Church or Organisation
in focus all year round.

Having a personalised calendar will be one of the best outreach resources that you have ever invested in. It is not just a flyer that would probably be discarded after a quick read, but a useful tool that could keep your organisation in focus all year round, as well as a gift that will strengthen goodwill to your neighbours and local community.
Investing in these affordable, high quality calendars will also be a great way for you to mobilise your members to get involved in blessing someone with a wonderful gift, that also informs them about your church at the same time. So Why not promote a scheme to encourage your congregation to pre-order one for themselves and another to give away.

There are two types of personalised calendars that we can offer:
a) Partially personalised - This provides you with the option to personalise the front cover, back cover & inside back page

b) Fully personalised and bespoke calendar throughout

See below for the details or simply click on the first image to open a larger pdf version: