Inspired Logos

Inspired Media has successfully partnered a number of churches  to promote their vision, mission or purposes through the development of a strong graphical visual identity. Again, some have been established organisations, others small start-up charities. Below are just a few examples of our work:

PAGA Ministires is a Church based in Croydon, UK.
It is a multi-cultural church which the logo aims to depict, 
with the use of the globe, along with the aspect of praise
and adoration for God.

Zion Ministires is a Church in South London, UK.
Their focus is to be a beacon of hope and a spiritual
light to a wrord in darkness.

Discovery Church commisioned us to design a logo
that represented their vision, which to be a church that
provides multiple connection points with the Swindon
 community, where people can be touched by
the love of God.