Inspired Logos

Inspired Media has been commisioned by a wide range of companies to assist them in creating or re-developing a fresh business identity. Some have been established corporates, others small start-up businesses. We pride ourselves on providing the same consistant and professional approach on all occassions. Successful branding is more than just a good logo, but it goes a long way to help. Below are just a few examples of our work:

Stillwater Group Ltd is a respected acquisition and
management group. Following a successful re-design
of their logo, we were commissioned to design further
 logos for other companies under  their umbrella.

Kestrel Carpets is a carpet and interior design
company based in Herefordshire. This smart & distinctive
logo, along with other marketing resources that we
produced, help to increase significantly their market awareness. 

Sprint Coatings Limited, is an international
powder coating company based in Southern Ireland.
Along with a number of other talented design companies
we were invited to submit several branding design concepts.
Guess who won!

The Stables, Lower House Farm, is a conference facility
set within a successful working farm. The identity attempts
 to capture the agricultural connection while maintaining the
element of professionalism that the owners provide.

Db Training is a unique education and vocational company
based in Essex, who specialise in working with young people.
The logo conveys the concept of stepping stones and
a journey that leads to increasing abilities.
Something that they do with excellence.